It is time to elevate travel out of ordinary. At Phoenix One Tourism we also want to accompany you on your tailor-made vacations

We design your vacation in UAE both for individuals and groups, and we do so by getting to know you first. Being aware of what you want to discover, what sort of trip you would like to experience, in what kind of places you would like to get lost, what flavours you would like to discover, who you would like to learn from…

Once the decision made, we starting to design the experiences and select the accommodations and transportation that best suit your needs and the adventure you would like to set forth on, looking after the slightest details and with utmost flexibility.

Moreover, we take care of any request you may have during your trip. Whatever you want. Just say the magic words (“life is either an adventure or it is nothing”) and we make it happen.

If you want us to design your trip, write us and we will arrange a meeting with you. We are waiting for you